Friday, January 29, 2010

It's been awhile since I've added anything to this blog but I'm glad to be back! These are some images of my new work.
I haven't been doing Naked Raku for long, so it's still a work in progress but I'm loving the change from the more traditional Raku. Naked Raku is more ....drawing with smoke...than glazes, so it adds another dimension to the work.
The thing I find with Raku, is that it can tend to be either, predominately black and white or lurid with colour, subtlety is hard to achieve. With NR the backs are softer and whilst there's no glaze on the piece, I find if you colour the clay you can add colour where the glaze would have before and that the softness of the colour and the blacks is a lovely combination.

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Anna said...

Thanks for your inspiration! I just threw some pieces today ready for a group raku day in a few weeks time with the Port Hacking Potters Group (south of Sydney).
Are you using wax to make your patterns?