Saturday, March 19, 2011

So March is marching along nicely. Change is in the offing. We had the largest full moon in twenty years last night and it was a beauty. The mornings are darker as we change out of daylight savings mode. It's coming towards my favorite time of the year...winter. I know most people think I'm crazy for loving winter, but then, I think they are crazy for loving summer!
I'm losing this studio and being moved to another. I'm going to lose the view, the northern light and access to fresh air, which to be honest, I am dreading. The new space is going to be smaller too, which is causing me much consternation, as I will need to divest myself of excess 'stuff' in order to fit into my new abode. I will of course make the new space work, and it's really only about getting used to the transition, but the upheaval to get there is not something I can embrace at this stage.
The work is coming along and the Raku crew and I will start firing on the 1st of May. It will be fabulous to get back into the firing process.

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