Thursday, December 8, 2011

After only five months in the new studio and I have moved out! I'm not sure when I will have the new studio setup, so stay posted.
At the moment the studio's contents are sitting in my father's workshop (oops, sorry Dad) which means neither one of us can work!
I would have a picture of the empty studio, post me, but I was no sooner out before the next resident had moved in.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Last weekend we had a raku firing. It was a bit of a desperate firing as the work I expected to get out of it had already been selected to exhibit in the Clunes Ceramic Award show, so you can imagine….NO PRESSURE! Lucky for me the Universe was looking out for me. Here is a shot of them ‘green’ and finished. After they have come out of the raku they have to be washed and dried and then polished. Here they are drying in front of the heater (it’s winter) before I apply the wax and then buffed to a sheen.

I have a few x-rays on the window into my studio that I use to offer me a bit of privacy. This is an x-ray of my right hand. Years ago I broke my finger and fractured another in a work mishap, the finger was too swollen to get the ring off so it was x-rayed with ring in place, I’ve always liked the image. I have x-rays of myself from the top of my head to pelvis. I’ve always been fascinated by us not being able to see our insides and I guess that’s why I love being x-rayed and am fixated by programs about surgery! I think it comes from a love of finding out how things work, either that, or I am just a tad, gruesome.

The front of my studio is being decorated by one of the staff members at NPS
(Northcote Pottery Supplies), Dan. These tiles are what I create when I’m testing the glazes before I bottle a batch for sale. It makes for an interesting history for me as I know each and every colour by name and code. It’s also interesting to see how I have changed the way I apply the colour from the early days to now. Instead of it being a casual swipe for expediency I now enjoy covering the whole tile to make it a solid result. Dan has then applied them according to his own personal creative expression! I’m really looking forward to the woodwork disappearing and a wall of colour surrounding the entrance to my wonderland.

I have been very remiss in not contributing to this blog in the last couple of months. The reasons are many and varied and more than likely just lame excuses!
 Don't you just wish sometimes, that you could be a cat, even if it were for only one day?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

New things….
In an earlier post I showed some new work that I wasn’t sure I knew what I was going to do with. Well here’s some images of what is going on with them now. I’m really like them, there seems to be an interesting tension between the black and white which intrigues me. More revelation will come to light as the pieces ‘speak’ to me.

Moved in…
The new ‘Wendy’ house doesn’t have any windows which I am missing but what I have found is, by not seeing the day pass by, I seem to be oblivious to time passing. Therefore, I’m working longer hours, not a bad thing as I’m always happiest in the studio anyway.