Sunday, December 12, 2010

Saw this article on Wikipedia and thought it was pertinent to some of my thoughts on art. Any thoughts?


In art, essentialism is the idea that each medium has its own particular strengths and weaknesses, contingent on its mode of communication. A chase scene, for example, may be appropriate for motion pictures, but poorly realized in poetry, because the essential components of the poetic medium are ill suited to convey the information of a chase scene. This idea may be further refined, and it may be said that the haiku is a poor vehicle for describing a lover's affection, as opposed to the sonnet. Essentialism is attractive to artists, because it not only delineates the role of art and media, but also prescribes a method for evaluating art (quality correlates to the degree of organic form). However, considerable criticism has been leveled at essentialism, which has been unable to formally define organic form or for that matter, medium. What, after all, is the medium of poetry? If it is language, how is this distinct from the medium of prose fiction? Is the distinction really a distinction in medium or genre? Questions about organic form, its definition, and its role in art remain controversial. Generally, working artists accept some form of the concept of organic form, whereas philosophers have tended to regard it as vague and irrelevant.

Further: Reason may argue the true medium of art is universal for all material mediums, and this is the formless medium of Idea. Art is the expression of a formless 'pool' of intelligent creative potential,[ by the gateway of consciousness] expressed in physicality through a material medium of choosing. Organic form can be seen as 'how well the artist has made a body for his expression of life-force'; The ability of the physical medium to clothe and resonate all aspects of the idea being expressed. Idea is defined in form- Thought is made clear in picture. The artist may or may not be conscious that his art is idea-bearing, and harbors ability to spur thought in those [who receive the art]. Even if the idea is only vaguely known, this can be interpreted as feeling. At clearer levels of awareness, whole concepts maybe be birthed from the art. [('Organic Form')]: Naturally expressed Art grants greater ability to be seen for its true quality, rather than being looked at solely for the physical representation which the "life of the piece" is enclosed in.

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